Diversity in dynamic agroforestry

The diversity of dynamic agroforestry is one of its most important principles. The high variety of plants promotes growth as the plants are able to support each other.

They provide shade and protect each other from wind, furthermore the surrounding roots benefit from microorganisms.

High plant density

Nature leaves no room unused, either horizontally or vertically. The dynamic agroforestry is therefore densely planted in order to make the best use of the space. Of course, not all plants like to grow together, but in most cases a high density promotes growth dynamics and plant health. Some examples:

  • Roots: The roots of different species interfere and promote each other, mycorrhizae are eliminated. Since different plants need different nutrients, they do not interfere.
  • Defenses of diseases: Local plants have developed certain substances in order to expel typical crimes. They thus protect crops.
  • Windbreak: If the plants stand tight, the flowers are not blown off in strong winds and the young trees are not uprooted.
  • Heat: At higher densities, the parcel warms faster, the plants grow faster;
  • Biomass: More plants, more biomasses, more cutting material and thus organic material for the soil.

The high density in a dynamic parcel therefore has many advantages. So that the plants remain healthy and grow well and provide enough yield, the timely cut is important.

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